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A Little About Myself.

A while back, I decided, after a very long time of buying my leather goods for my general outdoors gear, to have a go at actually making a few things myself.

The learning journey, even before i touched a piece of leather was fantastic, with so many excellent craftsmen willing to share their knowledge. It was, and still is absorbing.

I am still learning and this has rapidly superseded all my other hobbies as the most favored way to spend my free time. I started making pouches, sheaths and key rings for friends, and then sold a few small things to work colleagues and internet folk, which grew from there and finally i decided to create a website.

You can also contact me directly on my Etsy shop, found here You can of course purchase items there should you wish.

I generally ship within the U.S. for free using first class or priority mail, depending on the weight as well as shipping  to many countries worldwide using tracking or first class international post.

I always welcome custom orders, which you can also use the form on the right for.

Thank you for visiting and having a look.


PS: If you would like to purchase items using Bitcoin, just send me a message using the form on the right.